Review: Junior Kitchen, Leeds

A review of Junior Kitchen - Pizza & Cupcake Party


As a mum of 3, I’ve organised no less than 17 kids birthday parties. Parties at home, parties at laser tag, parties at soft play, parties at the village hall with the customary bouncy castle and face painting expert - we’ve done them all. And the ones we haven’t hosted personally, we’ve attended as guests. So this my lovelies, is one I’ve not done before, which is why I jumped at the chance of writing a review!

The venue was exclusively ours for 2 hours, although we did run over slightly which was no problem for our hosts (who were fabulous by the way). My first thought, I was extremely impressed with the facilities. A large, light, open spaced area with fantastic cooking stations (and immaculate too!). They even cater for little ones (although this was for my 8 year old, we'd thrown a couple of 3 year olds in the mix), providing FunPod Kitchen Safety Stands so the littlies could take part safely.



Bowls of pre-measured ingredients for the cupcakes were laid out ready at each station, and once the kids had washed their hands and put on their crisp, clean chef whites and chef hats (which resembled something off a Daz advert), we were ready to begin. As there were a couple of empty workstations, the grown-ups were invited to join in too - happy days! (Check out my glam gown below).



The kiddiwinks listened intently and followed suit as our host Andrew showed them how to mix the ingredients together. They had a blast, whizzing and whisking, and spooning the mixture into colourful cupcake cases. Into the oven they went, trays labelled with each child’s number, for easy identification afterwards.



Now onto the pizza! The kids were given satisfyingly squishy balls of dough which, one rolled out, were promptly splattered with tomato sauce and a variety of toppings - ham, salami, cheese, mixed peppers and mushrooms. They didn’t take long to cook, and the kids were soon tucking in to their scrummy pizzas, washing them down with jugs of juice or water.



And now to decorate the cupcakes - (the best part for me!). The boys and girls were charmed, whipping up fondant in a variety of colours and piping it onto the soft spongy buns, and finally topping them off with Cadbury’s Flakes and Oreos. Amazing!



Nearing the end of the party, the birthday boy was invited into the centre of the kitchen whilst his friends perched safely on the kitchen worktops behind him. Cue a deafening rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ as he blew out the candles on 8 brightly coloured cupcakes that Andrew had generously knocked up for us (I forgot the cake - BadMum). The kids then let off some steam and had a little boogey to some groovy music for 5 minutes, and we were lucky enough to witness some pretty funky dance moves (Floss anyone?)



Leftover pizzas were put in pizza boxes to take home, and the delightfully colourful cupcakes were placed in lovely presentation boxes. Happy children indeed!



It made such a refreshing change from the familiar soft play party or the predictable magician at the village hall. The facilities are fabulous (ok so some gin for the grown ups would’ve been nice, although tea and coffee was provided) and the staff were amazing - they worked so hard (and put up with A LOT of noise!) and they were extremely attentive and patient with our rabble (especially the little ones). By the time I’d got home, I had an email from Junior Kitchen with a bunch of fabulous photos that they’d taken on our behalf - all part of the package!



All in all this is a great place to entertain the kids, and I for one will definitely be going back in the summer hols!


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